Monday, February 15, 2010

Tattoos I Love: Sweethearts for My Sweetheart

So what does an inkblogger get his sweetheart on Valentine's Day?

Why, a love-themed tattoo, of course.

Lucky me, the good folks over at Thicker than Water Tattoo had a Cupid special, $14 tattoos on February 14.

A lot like the Dare Devil Tattoo Friday the 13th Special (one of which is documented here), the lucky tattoo recipient can choose from an assortment of day-themed flash.

Here's what my lovely bride Melanie had to choose from:

When we got to the shop, Melanie signed in #53, and they were averaging a dozen or so per hour, so we knew we had a little bit of a wait.

I specifically selected Shon Lindauer, since he did such an awesome job with my tiger tattoo.

It was nice that Melanie got to meet Shon and the piece she selected was one that he had drawn up.

He tattooed her in the middle of the back and took just about fifteen minutes:

She was very happy with the end result:

When we left around 3:45, the waiting list was over a hundred, so they looked like they had a long night ahead of them.

Thanks to Shon and the staff at Thicker Than Water for another great tattoo experience!


Alexandria Lee said...

This is really awesome. I'm jealous they were tattooing people for just $14, that's pretty cool. I also like the design Melanie chose to get inked on her, it's really neat looking. So cute that you got your wife a tattoo on valentine's day, probably the best valentine's day gift I have come across, definitely beats the cliché dinner. And now she has a good story to tell about that tat.

BenC said...

$14 plus tip- i'll bet they did all right. looks nice! i am shocked -SHOCKED- that your wife didn't choose the hairy beanbag/puckered anus flash. :) love your blog man, keep it up.

Tattoosday said...

Shon told me the next day that the crew at Thicker Than Water did 130 Valentine's Day specials!

Mission Beach said...

We are going to do this next year.. weve done the friday 13th before.