Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Friday the 13th & An Amazing Vargas Batgirl Tattoo from Jess

First of all, it seems appropriate to share this tattoo today:

This tattoo belongs to Jess, who I met walking up 8th Avenue in the high 30's earlier this week.

It's a Friday the 13th tattoo special, inked by Sean McCartney at Ink Zone in Yorkville, New York.

Today is the the day when hordes of bargain-seeking ink hunters descend on shops offering up the $20 Friday the 13th-themed tattoo (that's $13 for the tattoo and a $7 tip). Two of the shops I know in Brooklyn that have done the event in the past are not doing it this month (more on that in the immediate future), but I believe Dare Devil in Manhattan is doing it again.

But I digress...

I posted the Friday the 13th cupcake because it was timely, but the piece that jumped out at me when I saw Jess was this, on her left arm:

This piece was inspired by a famous pin-up of Batgirl by Alberto Vargas.

Jess got this tattooed because she "just loves the pin-up style".

That tattoo was inked by Stacey Martin at Dovetail Tattoo in Austin, Texas.

Thanks to Jess for sharing both of these tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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