Friday, September 7, 2012

Tattoo Age, Season Two, is Coming!

Loyal readers who don't read any other tattoo blogs, I apologize, I may have let you down.

There is a great on-line tattoo feature from a site called VICE that produces a fantastic tattoo series called Tattoo Age.

They told me about it last year but, because I was more involved with my man-on-the-street posts, and because my good friends over at Needles & Sins posted about it, I made a mental note, but didn't talk much about it here on Tattoosday.

But we're evolving here, and as there may be readers who don't read Needles & Sins, I would be remiss in not plugging this great series that, in its first season, highlighted the work of such amazing artists like Freddy Corbin, Mike Rubendall (of Kings Avenue Tattoo), Troy Denning and Grime.

Season Two is upon us, and they will be featuring Valerie Vargas, from the UK, Mutsuo from Japan, and New York City's Thom DeVita. Each artist's spotlight is broken into three parts and, if season one is any indication, highlights their talents and skills in a great documentary style.

For a sneak peak at the upcoming season, here's a taste:

What's nice about this series, among other things, is that they are devoid of faux-reality drama. It's just about tattooing, and by very talented folks, to boot.

We here at Tattoosday will do our best to keep readers updated as to when new episodes appear online.


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