Monday, December 12, 2016

Paige and Amy (Musician Mondays)

Back in August, I attended a poetry reading at the KGB Bar in Manhattan. Among the readers was Rebecca Loudon, who has appeared on the Tattooed Poets Project twice previously. Rebecca introduced me to Paige after the reading and Paige had this cool tattoo:

This is, of course, Amy Winehouse.

Paige has nine tattoos, and all of her tattoos, she explained, are rooted in her love of music,

She elaborated on this particular piece, what she calls her "Ode to Amy":
"As someone who lived the blues. her lifestyle constantly overshadowed her musical ability. Since she was widely known by her hairstyle I wanted the piece to emphasize her tresses but in a more mysterious way. The most common question I'm asked is, 'when are you going to add the rest of the face?' Seeing as her life was incomplete, it doesn't feel right to 'finish' it. The piece will exist as is, a fragment of what could have been. Recently, I have added the twin hearts to the top. Amy had the same on her shoulder. With the addition of the hearts I feel the piece, in my mind, is finally complete. Amy Winehouse was an undeniable master of her craft. I'm proud of her work and the influence it's had on my generation."
Paige later sent me a photo of the tattoo after it was completed with the hearts, which provides a slightly different perspective of the tattoo on her right shoulder:

Photo courtesy of Paige
The first part of the tattoo (Amy' s Head) was done by Tony Campise (@tattootony_hkt) from Hard Knox Tattoo in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The two hearts were added by Brian Love (@diabloxblanco), at Smoking Tattoos (@smokingtattoosnyc) on St. Mark's in Manhattan.

On a side note, Paige is also the lead singer of The Montrose Five Band (@montrosefive). Here's a small taste of their music:

Thanks to Paige for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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