Thursday, June 1, 2017

Melanie's Jacaranda-monium

Anyone familiar with the jacaranda tree knows how beautiful they can be. It is this time of year in Southern California, in the months of May and June, when they explode into bursts of purple blossoms that are simply breathtaking.

It only seemed fitting that my wife Melanie, who loves jacarandas, feature them in her next tattoo, and this was the end result:

Here's a closer look:

Melanie elaborated a little more on what inspired her to fill her arm with jacarandas:
"First of all, I love purple. And when I got the purple flower tattooed on my ankle, I realized purple looks really good on my skin.
Also, they remind me of our time in California where we met, the college campus where I met my husband, and so many of my friends, and Pasadena, the only place I really liked living in California.
It was on my list, there were two or three other ideas I really wanted. I knew I wanted this one.
Since I've gotten this, talking to people who were familiar with jacarandas from South Africa, which we only discovered was a place they grew while researching them. This makes me want to go there and visit."
One of the sources for inspiration was this street in Pasadena, Del Mar Boulevard:

This lovely tattoo was done by the incomparable Alex McWatt (@alexthreekings) at Three Kings Tattoo (@threekingstattoo) in Manhattan.

He met with Melanie to discuss the concept and just ran with it, turning this:

into the explosion of purple on Melanie's arm, with the finest attention to details:

Thanks to Alex at Three Kings for another great tattoo, and to Melanie for sharing her jacarandas with us here on Tattoosday!

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