Monday, August 7, 2017

Jose's Tattoo Honors His Puerto Rican Heritage

I met Jose last week in the vestibule of a bank in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

He had a really vivid image of a lizard peeking our from under his sleeve, so I couldn't resist asking about it. He was kind enough to roll up his shirt to reveal the entire piece on his arm:

Jose's half-sleeve is a tribute to his Puerto Rican heritage. He says he wanted "something different" and his artist combined several elements that are part of Puerto Rican life that represented his culture.

The flag flies at the top of the tattoo and the hibiscus blossoms give the tattoo its floral pop. The iguana sits regally at the bottom of the tattoo and, if you look closely, on the inner part of the tattoo is Puerto Rico's coquí frog which is another symbol of the island commonwealth.

Jose's artist was Tazz (@tazz_tatts) from Aztec Ink Tattooing & Piercing Studio (@aztecinkbrooklyn) in Brooklyn.

Here is what the tattoo looked like when it was first completed, courtesy of Tazz's Instagram:

Courtesy of @tazz_tatts on Instagram
We've featured Tazz's work at least once before on Tattoosday and it's always good to see new work from old friends!

Thanks to Jose for sharing his cool tattoo honoring his Puerto Rican heritage with us here on Tattoosday!

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very good work i wanna a tattoo like that