Friday, October 13, 2017

Darin and Max, Together Forever

Our next Occidental tattooed alumnus is Darren, who was a senior in Pauley Hall when I entered as a freshman in 1985. Darren and I reconnected on Facebook and when he recently posted this tattoo, I quickly asked him for permission to share:

Darin got this cool piece from Brian (@bolder_brian_tattoo) at Bolder Ink (@BolderInk) in Boulder, Colorado.

Darin explained:
"Brian did a fantastic job capturing Max's character. The idea came from my friend Volkan Soylu whom I met in Mexico in August, and Max provided the inspiration. This is something I feel good about wearing for life."
This is Max, who is an Akita (and the reference for the tattoo):

When I asked Darin if Max was still around, he explained:
"Max is still with us, but it is a memorial in a sense, just the same. Divorce after 17 years - we lost the house and I was not able to provide a good home for him. So it's a very transitional time, hence that duality of the two sides of his face, and a memorial to him in the sense that he represents loss of my previous life. That being said, I'm on to bigger and better things now and couldn't be happier. Except of course for the fact that I don't have Max, but I do have visiting rights and that's good."
This is Darin checking out the stencil after Brian put it on:

And the finished product:

Note how much it lightened up after it healed.

Thanks so much to Darin for sharing his cool tattoo with us this week on Tattoosday's Occidental week!

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