Monday, August 6, 2018

Amber's Convention Ink

Back in June, I spotted Amber (@xxskinnyfistsxx) walking near Federal Hall in the Financial District. She was kind enough to share a couple of her tattoos, including this really cool one on her thigh:

Amber has gone to a bunch of tattoo conventions and really takes advantage of the events allowing you to research and experience the work of loads of amazing artists. She has a specific aesthetic that appeals to her and has found some great artists that way. At the Philadelphia Convention earlier this year, she met Beau Guenin (@beauguenin), who tattoos out of Masterwork Tattoo ( in Indianapolis. 

After meeting Beau, she decided to fly out to get tattooed by him at the Chicago Tattoo Convention, where he put on this massive skull and rats piece over a six-and-a-half hour stretch.

She noted that he also does a lot of frog tattoos, and he is known as "the frog guy" to many. Check out his Instagram to see some more of his work.

When she was at the Philadelphia convention, she was getting tattooed, as well. She described walking past the booth of Rich Wren (@therichwren) from Relic Tattoo (@relictattoo) in Horsham, Pennsylvania. She had trouble deciding at first, because he had a lot of great "weird monster stuff going on." She ended up with this really unique witchy lady on the back of her calf:

Thanks to Amber for sharing her cool tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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