Friday, June 28, 2019

Andrea's Pigeon Takes Flight

Andrea (@andreas_eye), a friend of my wife's, shared her first tattoo with me, this cool pigeon on her shoulder:

Here's a closer look at the amazing detail:

Andrea related how this bird tattoo was hatched:
"...After thinking about getting a tattoo for over 10 years, I finally did it on July 18, 2018! I was mainly afraid of the pain and the permanence.
Turns out the pain was minimal and the permanence fine, too. In fact, I've been running up to every random tattooed stranger and saying, 'I just got my first tattoo!!! Can I show you?!,' and then we always get into a conversation about tattoos and everyone agrees that it hurt less than they expected.

Often, people ask me why I chose a pigeon as the image. In fact, some people laugh out loud when they realize it's a pigeon.
Well, I adore pigeons and always have. I think they're gorgeous. Some New Yorkers disparage them, but I'm convinced that if pigeons were discovered for the first time right now, everyone would see them as beautiful. The patterns! The colors on their necks. I've always liked to stand up for underdogs, and so I'm standing up for the underdog of the bird world.
I knew I needed a really great tattoo artist for the style I wanted, which was photorealistic. I wanted it to look like a painting. I searched around and asked friends for recommendations and ended up choosing Adriana Hallow (@adrianahallow), who turned out to be absolutely ideal not only because of her artistic brilliance, but also for her friendly personality. The tattoo took about 3 hours and I'm absolutely thrilled with how it came out."
Adriana can be found tattooing out of 10 Thousand Foxes Tattoo (@10thousandfoxesnyc) in Brooklyn.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing her awesome first tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!
Andrea with her pigeon tattoo and her artist, Adriana Hallow
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