Friday, March 4, 2011

Tattoosday Weekend Recap, March 4, 2011

Mixing it up here on Tattoosday as I anxiously look toward spring and the third annual Tattooed Poets Project.


One of the things I've taken to doing from time to time is googling "tattoo" and watching the "real time" feed, mostly tweets that appear and get swept up by the google logarithms.

How else would I have found about, billed as "A Dave Matthews Band Tattoo Collection Site"? This reminds me, of course of Tattooed Everything, a site dedicated to Pearl Jam tattoos, which seems to have vanished.

Of course, this parlays into my Tattoosday scenario of a semi-regular feature, yet to be launched, called Garden Ink, which will be posts that stem from my close proximity, Monday through Friday, to Madison Square Garden.

Rather than spotting ink, the idea is to seek it out, on days that there are events at the Garden, the world's most famous arena. This means approaching people who are not necessarily visibly inked and asking them if they have tattoos specific to whoever is at the Garden that night. I did  this once, successfully, here, with a Green Day fan. The idea recently resurfaced when the 'hood was besieged by Little Monsters waiting to see Lady Gaga.


And finally, just when I thought I'd seen it all with Ed Hardy lighters, earlier this week I found, wait for it, Ed Hardy Hand Sanitizer! It actually smells not half bad.


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