Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nick's Tattoo Combines Sociology and Astrology

Today's tattoo comes to us courtesy of Nick, who I met in Penn Station back in May.

He explained that this piece on the inside of his arm was done by two artists.

The first part of it was done by "a friend of a friend in his apartment."

Nick elaborated:
"...I had just turned eighteen and I haven't seen him since then and I had it touched up by another artist's shop in Syracuse, New York [Mike Haines at Scarab Body Arts]. He was a tattoo artist there for a very short time.
...I'm a sociology major and I'm a Libra so I have the scales for the Libra and justice and balance....[the] brain outline is taken from a book, Prometheus Rising,  out of one of the chapter beginnings ... [the] image of three women holding it up is actually from the artist's stamp collection of almost like a three graces depiction of them doing various things ... I kinda view it as these three women are Society to me, and they hold up ... my brain and how I think ... and it's all masked by my interpretation as a Libra in this world."
As to how he originally got the piece, Nick said "it originally looked like a prison tattoo, I'm not gonna lie. The guy who did it, I didn't look at his portfolio, really. So, the guy who touched it up [Mike Haines], he actually did a great job of filling in the shadow to kind of smooth out the rougher edges that were originally made into it...".

Thanks to Nick for sharing this cool tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

UPDATE: Nick followed up with me and wrote, "Mike Haines ... left Scarab Body Arts shortly after my tattoo and started his own business called BioGraphix Tattoo in Syracuse."

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