Friday, December 7, 2012

Ryan and the Aristocants

I met Ryan back in July outside of Penn Station. He had a bunch of tattoos. I interviewed him and took some pictures. He was with friends.

I'd love to dub this an orphan post, but all the required elements are here. It just didn't sit right with me.

After blogging about tattoos for more than five years, I have pretty good instincts about people. I can tell when they're interested in the project and I can tell when they're not, usually within the first ten or fifteen seconds of my starting up a conversation with them.

With apologies to Ryan if I misread him, but I felt like he really wasn't very interested in talking to me. But to give him credit, he did. This is one of the reasons that this piece didn't show up until almost five months after the fact.

That said, let's proceed.

Ryan shared this tattoo:

Note that it's hard to see from the shot that this heart has wings that roll back around the arm:

Ryan explained that he once was in a band called the Aristocants. Perhaps it is because they have added an "n" to Aristocats, but I am unable to find anything about them online.

What I gathered from Ryan about this tattoo was this: He was in a band called the Aristocants from 2002-2006. In the band with him were bass and guitar players Chad and Brandon who designed the logo on which the tattoo is based. ("They drew it up together ... mixed and matched and collaborated.")  Ryan took the design to another friend, Chris Hudgins, who worked at a shop in Nevada called House of Pain. The rest is history.

I am unable to find anything on the artist, the shop and, as previously mentioned, the band.

Thanks to Ryan for sharing this interesting tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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