Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lauren Shares Two Tattoos with a Literary Feel

I met Lauren at the NYC Poetry Festival last July on Governor's Island and she shared two tattoos.

First up is this appropriately literary piece:

Lauren explains:
"Kill Your Darlings is a [William] Faulkner quote … it’s his advice on writing ... when you are creating a piece of literature, you’re favorite lines are always the first to go. So I took it to mean that I tend to sacrifice the favorite parts of myself for the greater good of my creation."
Lauren also shared this interesting piece:

Lauren elaborated on this piece that was tattooed by Bart Bingham at NY Adorned:

"This is actually based on an artist named Brandon Maldonado - he does a lot of this Day of the Dead style and I showed it to Bart and he was actually able to take it and make it his own and kind of put his own spin ... I discussed the elements I really wanted to keep and the elements that he could play with and he was able to turn it into something really special and unique. My favorite part is, if you’ll notice in the brain, it’s a love story ...
... So you see these people and they’re together and it’s new and then they have a falling out and he’s in the rain and then they’re kind of older and they reconcile and are together again, riding a tandem bicycle together and then I really just like the colors of it. Immortality I thought was really interesting – if you want to really affect your writing, using writing as a way to become immortal and leave your mark on the world, regardless of what you physically leave it."
Thanks to Lauren for Sharing these cool tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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