Monday, January 13, 2014

Sarah Shares Two Beautiful Tattoos

Back in July 2013, I was at the New York City Poetry Festival on Governor's Island, and I met several people with great tattoos.

I saw a woman with some incredible work as she was leaving the event, and managed to speak to her before she had walked away.

Sarah shared two spectacular pieces, both by the talented Nalla Smith at Brooklyn's Goose Tattoo Parlor.

First is this piece on her calf:

Sarah explained this:
"This [Bird Girl] came from a Brazilian artist ... it was done in early 2011 and I was just browsing around on tumblr, a site called Art for Adults. It's mostly kinda like risque and women, but with all drawn and everything and then I just kind of randomly stumbled across this artist, I don’t remember the exact name but she’s Brazilian and then I messaged her asking if it was okay to use the image … she was really sweet and said ya just please send me a picture when you’re done and everything … and then so I just thought it was a really beautiful image … I know everyone has different reasons for getting tattoos, but for me, it was my first one and was super sentimental … after that … I almost felt like I couldn't really top this one, like the sentimentality, so I’d almost rather have something that was really beautiful and had a different purpose other than that..."
Sarah also shared this piece from her thigh:

Sarah elaborated:
"...Her name is Octavia, the artist for the original drawing is Courtney Brims, she’s Australian, not that it has anything to do with it but she’s from the same part of Australia where I used to live … like fast forward 6 years …  I just saw it again, a really beautiful image, and actually [in] the original artwork ... she’s blonde and obviously that doesn't translate all that well to a tattoo 
© Courtney Brims
... Nalla took a lot of ... liberty with the coloring and everything and it was so funny because he was, at the very last second ... going to be about 45 minutes of shading and then ... he said ‘let’s go dark’ and then that turned into about 3 and a half hours and I almost passed out during it … not too much of a story behind that … it’s quite big and the reason for that is because I didn't tell him how big I wanted it, I trusted him to just do his thing … because he knew what the appropriate size was … I just knew that he would do a good job and even the placement is not like straight on and everything … he’s very good at placing tattoos." 
Thanks to Sarah for sharing her beautiful tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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