Monday, July 14, 2014

Heather and Her Stunning Tiger Tattoo

Down where I work during the week, you tend to see a lot of professional dog-walkers during the day. Last month, I spotted a woman, wearing a shirt that read "KEEP CALM AND CARRY TREATS." She wasn't the first person spotted wearing that shirt, as it is often worn by people working for Paws on Pine.

Anyway, I noticed that she had a pretty cool half-sleeve and, although I didn't interview her then, I figured I would get another opportunity soon.

I spotted the woman again last week, walking a pooch up on Wall Street. I introduced myself.

Heather, it turns out, is the owner of Paws on Pine, and this is the tattoo that caught my eye originally:

This stunning tattoo was done by Kristi Walls, who is currently "resident guest artist" at Sacred Tattoo, but has also worked at Bang Bang Tattoo and East Side Ink.

The details, shading and line work in this piece are stunning - just take a closer look:

Heather explained to me that she was laid off three years ago from a corporate job and "got this to symbolize resilience and strength, because I ended up taking a year off and then I started my own dog-walking business."

Thanks to Heather for sharing her work with us here on Tattoosday and, if you're ever in need of professional dog-walkers in lower Manhattan, be sure to check out Paws on Pine.

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