Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Olga Shares Two Incredible Tattoos

A couple weeks ago on the subway, I spotted a pretty floral tattoo on a woman's arm. When she turned around to get off the train to transfer, I saw she had another tattoo on her other arm, which prompted me to get off the train as well, so I could find out more about this amazing tattoo:

The owner of this amazing tattoo is Olga, who was very friendly and happy to share her work. She explained that this is a memorial piece for her father, Wolf, that embraces her family's Russian heritage. She credited the work to Mikhail at White Rabbit Tattoo Studio on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Olga added:
"I gave Mikhail a very rough sketch of what I wanted, a wolf under birch trees, and he came up with this beautiful piece. I was honestly speechless when it was done, it's exactly what I wanted and so much more. It's very special."
She told me that birch trees reminded her of her old home in Russia.

Oh, and remember the cool floral piece that I initially spotted on Olga's arm?

That piece was done by the phenomenal Amanda Wachob, an amazingly talented artist who is worth researching, just to appreciate her skills as a unique tattooist. The work on Olga's arm looked painted on and I didn't take a photo because it wrapped all the way onto her back. Olga did me a courtesy by sending a photo of her back after it was initially finished:

Olga told me:
"This started as a few cherry blossoms on my arm which I wanted to extend over my shoulder onto my back with a few magnolias. Working with Amanda was amazing and I'm grateful we were able to work on this amazing piece together."
It's always an honor to highlight Amanda Wachob's work.

Thank to Olga for sharing her wonderful tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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