Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Three Tattoos, Three Artists, Courtesy of Alice from New Zealand

I knew Friday was going to be a great day when I got off the subway at Whitehall Street and waiting at the corner was a woman with tattoos named Alice.

Alice is part of our ongoing international theme, as she hails from New Zealand. She was kind enough to share several of her tattoos with us, starting with this portrait of Christoper Plummer from The Sound of Music:

Alice credited Michele McLaughlin at Jackson Street Tattoo in Wellington, New Zealand. She got this because The Sound of Music was her favorite childhood movie.

You may notice a tortoise shell in the lower corner of the photo, which is part of this tattoo just below:

No story there, just that she liked the idea of a sea tortoise. This was done by an artist with the moniker Nursey, from Dr. Morse INC Tattoo, also in Wellington.

Finally, I spotted a feline on Alice's left thigh. I just had to ask:

We're seeing a lot of memorial cat portraits these days. This one is in memory of Alice's tabby Vodie, who was a rescue cat. Kev from Tattoo City in Wellington was the artist who inked this lovely work.

It was great meeting someone from New Zealand, to be sure. I don't recall ever having featured work from that country before, and to find a contributor who had work from three talented artists was quite a bonus for me.

Thanks to Alice for visiting New York City and being so kind as to share her work with us here at Tattoosday!

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