Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Suzanne Rocks Iconic Tattoos (by Tommy Montoya and Chris Torres)

I met Suzanne at the NYC Tattoo Convention in June and well, when I saw her, you know I had to ask:

Yes, that is a Jimi Hendrix tattoo and, as a fan of the late great guitar maestro, I rarely turn down a chance to post one when I see one.

What's more, she credited the amazing Tommy Montoya, who tattooed this at the Wooster Street Social Club on an episode of NY Ink. More specifically, it was on the episode "Last Man Standing."
Suzanne told me, "Jimi said, 'When the Power of Love Overcomes The Love of Power, The World Will Know Peace!' "

Her other arm hosted a piece also from an NY Ink alum, Chris Torres, who actually did this piece when he was at Inborn Tattoo.

That, of course, is Janis Joplin.

Chris Torres now works out of Brooklyn Tattoo a few days a week, as well as at his own private studio. His Instagram is here.

I also snapped a shot of this piece on her back, also by Torres, of  this iconic image:

That's from the cover of The Allman Brothers Band album Eat a Peach

Suzanne explained:
"The Eat a Peach for Peace Tattoo was a quote by Duane Allman who passed on years ago but, I had the pleasure to meet him when he was still playing, in Atlantic City Steel Pier Ballroom. I was all of 16yrs. old. Got to hang with him and famous roadie Reddog. What a treat! They were super friendly and gentleman from the south and unfortunately, 3 months later he was killed in a motorcycle accident. I got the Tattoo in memory of Duane, an Amazing guitar player and legend."
Thanks to Suzanne for sharing her awesome tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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