Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrating Another Inky Year

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Technically, Tattoosday was born on July 31, eight years ago, as a weekly feature on my old site BillyBlog. But I enjoyed writing about tattoos so much, I created this standalone site, Tattoosday, to celebrate NYC body art, eight years ago today.

Sometimes I like to celebrate on July 31, other times I like to celebrate on the actual blogiversary date, September 8.

So here we are, eight years later. Since starting up, depending on which traffic site you believe, we've had 1.8 million hits and 2.6 million page views. Blogger says we have 3.5 million page views. Either way, that's still an awesome amount for a tiny site like this.

Thanks to everyone over the years who has contributed to the success of Tattoosday - contributors, artists, sponsors and, most importantly, the readers. Your appreciation for what I do makes it all worthwhile!

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