Monday, July 18, 2016

Aleisha's Stunning Tattoo (at the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo)

This past weekend marked the 2016 NY Empire State Tattoo Expo (@nyempirestatetattooexpo) in Midtown Manhattan, and I spent a nice chunk of time on Friday and Saturday soaking in the sights. In years past, I have reported on tattoo conventions in greater detail, but this time around, I just wanted to meet people and talk about their work. So no big recap here, folks. Rather, I'll be doing the regular Tattoosday thing - small posts about specific tattoos with links to the artists and their shops.

That said, I will start off with what is likely one of the most amazing pieces I photographed.

This. Just this:

This amazingly breathtaking work belongs to Aleisha, who was kind enough to share with us. Tattoo shows are generally wall-to-wall spectacles of fabulous body art. This piece, by Ron Russo (@ron570tattoos) at 570 Tattooing Co. (@570tattooingco) in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, was quite possibly my favorite (among a long list of astonishingly great works) from the weekend.

"I just wanted a nature-type of theme," Aleisha told me, "I pretty much let Ron decide." She noted that this stunning ocelot and the green hornet below it were actually a two-portrait cover-up.

I have found that, when you give your tattoo artist free reign to do what they want, giving yourself up as a canvas, the artist's appreciation for the freedom to create often yields the most breathtaking results.

Thanks to Aleisha for sharing this wonderful tattoo with us here on Tattoosday! We'll be seeing more from the Expo in weeks to come!

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