Saturday, July 9, 2016

Louis and His Life Behind Bars

I woke up this morning and the Tour de France was on the television, which reminded me today would be a good day to post the following tattoo, which I spotted on Broad Street last month:

This tattoo is on the forearm of Louis, a bike messenger. It reads "Life Behind Bars" and features two hands gripping a set of handlebars. The hands have knucle tattoos themselves that state "Ride Hard."

Louis explained, "I'm into cycling a lot and it's taken a big part of my life." He added, "I'm in a racing team and I race track and road and I basically got this tattoo to represent how much I love bikes."

I ride a bike myself, but not as avidly. Nonetheless, I appreciate the tattoo for what it represents, not to mention the clever play on words.

He credited the work to Xavier Alvarez (@xavier000xx) at Crazy Fantasy Tattoo in Manhattan, but said that the artist had moved to Sins and Needles nearby. Xavier is currently tattooing out of Ink Couture (@inkcouturenyc) in Staten Island, but informed me he will be back full-time at Sins and Needles in two weeks time.

Thanks to Louis for sharing this cool tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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