Monday, August 22, 2016

Musician Monday: Louis, Patrick Swayze, and Wolverine

I met Louis down on Broad Street while he was walking some dogs.

I spoke to him briefly about his tattoos, gave him my card, and said we should talk further when he didn't have the dogs with him.

A few weeks later, I spotted him again, dogless. We sat down and talked about his tattoos.

First, this fabulousness:

This is a portrait of the late Patrick Swayze, with the banner 'PAIN DON'T HURT," which alludes to the film Road House.

Louis explained:
"It's a movie I saw a few years ago ... it's so bad, it's good ... I definitely love the movie ... I just really wanted to get the Swayze tattoo ...'Pain don't hurt,' it's laughable when he says that line in the movie ... I also found his biography at a Goodwill for a dollar and I bought it ... I read some of it, he had an interesting life ... the dedication in the front was to his father, who he said 'taught me that a man can be tough and gentle at the same time.' He was a dancer, horseback rider, he did all these fight movies, I thought that was really cool."

He also shared this Wolverine rib piece:

Louis elaborated:
"I grew up with the X-Men cartoons in the Nineties, it was like one of those things that my dad use to work overnights, like Friday night, he would work all Friday night, he would come home Saturday morning, he'd bring bagels or something for breakfast ... and we would watch that cartoon, that was like Saturday, we'd live for that. I just remember that as a kid, and also, I read comic books still, and it's one of my favorite characters, as well ... it has a lot of significance to me."
He got this tattoo more than ten years ago from Kurt Fagerland at Empire State Studios (@empirestatestudio) out on Long Island. Fagerland has since moved on and resides in Georgia.

I did mention in the title of this post that it is "Musician Monday." Louis also happens to be the drummer for a Brooklyn band called Ellen and the Degenerates, you can check them out here.

Thanks to Louis for sharing his awesome tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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