Saturday, September 16, 2017

Luke's Burning Tree for L.A. (Tattoosday Plays the Alphabet Game)

The Alphabet Game continues....

I was off the G train by 1:37 and had to pull a U-turn and head back into Manhattan.

1:38 P.M.  Just missed a northbound F train

1:50 P.M.  On F train back to Manhattan. Going to transfer to a J train at Delancey (There’s no “I” in Team or the MTA!)

2:08 P.M.  I catch a J train and almost immediately meet Luke, who is covered with tattoos. I point out this one on his leg:

Turns out this tattoo was done by Shon Lindauer (@shonlindauer) at High SeasTattoo Parlor (@highseastattooparlor) in Los Angeles.  I was excited to hear it was by Shon, as he did my tiger tattoo (revisit it here) and does great solid traditional work.

Here's a crisper view of the tattoo from Shon's instagram:

Via @shonlindauer on Instagram
Luke tells me that this palm tree ablaze represents his hatred of Los Angeles.

Luke also sent me a photo of his bodysuit, which will appear in a future installment of Tattoosday.

Thanks to Luke for sharing his cool tattoo with us on Tattoosday!

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