Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Haydn and Steve from the Ink Room in England

At the end of November, I was walking by Bowling Green in lower Manhattan, when I chanced upon two gentlemen sightseeing. I noticed they were significantly tattooed and introduced myself. Their names were Haydn and Steve, and they were visiting from Great Britain. Turns out Steve is an artist who owns The Ink Room Tattoo Studio (@theinkroomtattoostudio) in Wickham Market, which is northeast of London near the coast of the North Sea.

We had a long chat and Steve was happy to have Haydn show off some of his handiwork. Haydn was a very good sport about it, especially when it came to dropping his trousers to show off this lovely portrait Steve did on his friend's thigh. This is Haydn's daughter Codi:

Haydn also sported this Buddha piece that Steve did on his forearm:

And Haydn also obliged by removing his shoes and socks to share this really cool nautical tattoo that utilized both limbs for an awesome effect:

It's not easy to match up an anchor like that!

It was great meeting the two guys and Haydn obliged us with a photo to commemorate the occasion,
which Steve later posted on his Instagram (@theinkroomtattoostudio):

Thanks to Haydn and Steve for sharing their tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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