Friday, February 16, 2018

Philly to the Bone (Tattoosday at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention)

Last weekend at the 20th Annual Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention (@villainarts), I met Lucas, who approached me and my bald head and suggested I should ink my dome like he had:

Lucas, like many of the folks in attendance at the convention, was still on a Super Bowl high, as the Eagles had brought home the championship just six days earlier. You know someone's a fan when they're proudly inked with the team's logo, and there is no greater commitment than to slap that baby right on the side of your head, like the design on a helmet.

He credited the work to Doug Hand (@thughand) from Northern Liberty Tattoo (@northernlibertytattoo) in Philadelphia.

Lest one doubt the commitment to his local teams, Lucas had, a few years back, had the baseball logo of the beloved Philadelphia Phillies emblazoned on the other side of his dome:

Doug Hand also did this piece.

I'm assuming the back of his skull is reserved for a 76'ers logo, but I forgot to ask.

Thanks to Lucas for sharing these tattoos with us here on Tattoosday! Fly, Eagles, fly!

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