Thursday, July 19, 2018

Bonnie's Tattoos (Tattoosday Goes to Oklahoma City)

This past March, Tattoosday took a road trip, traversing the nation, driving from Virginia to California. There were some sunny days, but the chill of spring was still in the air, so I didn't get to meet a lot of folks with tattoos, but we had one encounter in Oklahoma City where it ll came together.

We had stopped for lunch at The Loaded Bowl, when Melanie spotted a heavily-tattooed woman with a Beavis and Butthead tattoo. This provided an excellent opportunity to strike up a conversation with Bonnie Blackwolf (@heavymetalhousewife), who shared several of her pieces, including this, the most noticeable one:

Bonnie told us that she got this band of wolves teeth in Portland, Oregon. She told us that the strings of teeth actually run to the sides of her head, that she had the sides shaved at the time, so the tattoo is not just the front of her head. 

Here's the Beavis and Butthead tattoo that, she told us, got her more free drinks in bars than you could imagine:

That piece reads "Thrashin' Since '87."

Bonnie, who plays bass in a Death Metal band called Death Squad, also shared this cool burning church tattoo on her upper back and neck:

Uhellig translates to unholy in Norwegian.

Last among the tattoos Bonnie shared with us was this piece on her leg:

Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Bonnie told me, is one of her favorite movies, and August 29, 1997 is listed as the day that a nuclear holocaust led to the rise of the machines. She got this on August 29, 2017, on the twentieth anniversary of Judgment Day.

Thanks to Bonnie for sharing her cool tattoos with us back in March at The Loaded Bowl in Oklahoma City!

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