Friday, June 3, 2011

Sam's "Footographs"

I was passing through the campus of F.I.T. last month when I spotted Sam's feet:

Her right foot bears the signatures of all four members of the band Honor Society:

She met the band members (Michael Bruno, Jason Rosen, Andrew Lee, and Alexander Noyes) at a promotional event at a phone store out on Long Island. After getting their autographs, she had the quartet of John Hancocks permanently inked at Tormented Souls Tattoo & Body Piercing, East Northport location.

Her left foot bears this line:

The line is German, "Liebe macht erfiniderish," which Sam told me means "love will find a way." She says that this is both a nod to her German heritage, but also a reminder that, despite the fact that she may be occupied with other things, love will eventually find a way into her life. This was also inked at Tormented Souls, but in the Kings Park location.

Thanks to Sam for sharing her foot tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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Sanne said...

The correct saying is "Not macht erfinderisch",

"Erfinderisch" unfortunately is spelled wrong =(

Anonymous said...

The first part is correct, it is "Liebe" which means love..