Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Links for Your Weekend Consumption

This will be the third Saturday in a row that I've posted links of a tattoo-related nature. No one's complained yet, so we'll keep doing this until  we don't.

On Sunday, a few of us were watching a football game. The tattoo gag in one spot was one of the brighter moments of the advertising that broke out during the game:

Long live Goldblatt!

On Monday, I finally clicked on a Facebook link to a site called Angry Ink. I'd seen it a few times and figured, well, if everyone is sharing it, it must have some merit. Yeah, some. The post is called The Four Tattoos You Need to Stop Getting Right Now.

On Tuesday, I saw CBS New York's News list (here) of "NYC's 5 Best Tattoo Parlors".  This ran originally last month and, like all lists, is subject to scrutiny. The fab five are all shops whose work I have featured here over the years, and I've been inked personally in two of the five, but it seems odd that perennial favorites like NY Adorned and East Side Ink were left off of the list.

Also on Tuesday, I was happy to see my friend Brian Grosz' article on the Daily Dot: Your Instagram Needs Some Ink: 8 Tattooists You Should be Following.

On Friday, I saw a post about Colin Kaepernick's new tattoo (here).

That's all for the links this week, everyone have fun at the Philadelphia Tattoo Arts Convention this weekend!

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