Friday, February 15, 2013

My Anatomical Heart Dog Tag from Eddystone Designs!

Just got my Anatomical Heart Dog Tag in the mail from Eddystone Designs and thought I'd share:

They even personally engraved it for me!

We here at Tattoosday and the good folks at Eddsytone wanted to thank everyone again for entering the giveaway we ran last week.

As a token of thanks to Tattoosday readers, Eddystone is offering a discount for anyone buying their products (including these cool color-laser-engraved titanium pendants and dog tags).

If you enter "Tat00Sday" in the cart stage of the checkout you will receive a 20% off discount for all purchases.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Miss Envy said...

I'm soo happy with the one I won in the contest that I am going to order a set for my boyfriend and I for our anniversary :) I will be posting the one I won on instagram/Facebook/twitter later today. Thank you both again!

Eddystone Designs said...

Hi Miss Envy,

We're so pleased to hear that you're happy with your winning color laser engraved titanium necklace.

Happy Anniversary. We'd love to help you with a gift set for you and your boyfriend.

We appreciate you sharing on social media. Please feel free to tag us our post on our Facebook timeline!

Eddystone Designs