Monday, February 4, 2013

Tattoosday Giveaway! Eddystone Designs' Tattoo-Engraved Charms!

Occasionally, we here at Tattoosday like to partner up with folks and give away goodies, just to keep things interesting.

We've been working with the good folks over at Eddystone Designs and we've come up with a contest to promote their new products that have a tattoo-like theme, using these really cool laser-engraved colors on titanium jewelry.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, these are some groovy gift ideas, whether it be their anatomical heart dog tags

 Or their heart pendants:

As they say over on their blog, they "don't think of [their] laser printed titanium tats as a replacement to traditional ink, but rather an accessory to supplement your body art."

They continue:
"We love the art of tattoos but also realize that Valentine's Day inspired tattoos can result in regret.

As a result we've designed two two 'ink' inspired designs, Real Love, Anatomical Heart and Winged Love, that we tattoo with lasers on titanium heart charms. This allows you to show your real love with an anatomical heart bursting through your rib cage or a whimsical heart spreading its wings to take flight, without the having to worry about the impending laser removal or coverup if the relationship doesn't work out."

To help promote these cool new products, we're partnering with Eddystone to give away four (!) of their products:

1) Their Real Love, Anatomical Heart Dog Tag:

 2) Their Real Love, Anatomical Heart, Circular Charm:

3) Their Real Love, Anatomical Heart, Heart Charm:

and 4) Their Winged Love, Heart Charm:

So, how do you win?

Either comment below, allowing time for the comment to be approved and published OR
comment on the Tattoosday Facebook page.

Plus, you can increase your chances of winning by "liking" Eddystone Designs on their Facebook Page.

You can also enter via email by sending your name to

The deadline to enter is Thursday, February 7 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time. We'll determine the four winners on Friday, so we can send the prizes out the week of February 11th.

In the mean time, if you want to get these as gifts, you can visit the Eddsytone online shop here and even add personal engraving.

Good Luck to all and thanks to Eddystone Designs for working with us on this promotion!

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lizz said...

these are beautiful :)

Jessica N said...

Already a fan of Eddystone! I'd love to win the Winged Love Heart Charm!

Tattoosday said...

Jessica N - please email so we can notify you if you are a winner.

Note: if you are not reachable through your i.d. on Blogger, we'll need another way to reach is the most private....

IamJanet said...

love them!

Tattoosday said...

Janety - if we can't contact you through Blogger, please email with your contact info, in the event you win....Good Luck!

Miss Envy said...

February 18th marks one year that my soul-mate and I have been together. We have had to battle some rough patches but nothing will keep us apart. Our love is strong and will go one forever and these lovely designs would make a perfect anniversary gift to us :)

Jessica N said...

I sent an e-mail to :)