Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Naomi's Mandala, Plus Two More

Last week I was picking up a pie from Nino's, one of the better pizza places in my neighborhood, when I met Naomi, who was standing, waiting for her order. She shared this lovely mandala tattoo on the back of her neck:

Naomi later emailed me the details, and included a couple of extra photos of some of her other work. She explained:
"The woman who tattooed me is Sarah Herzdame from Germany and is currently tattooing in Berlin [at Erntezeit Tätowierungen]. She should be out here again in August at Gristle Tattoo [in Williamsburg, Brooklyn]. Her Instagram is @tilldthtattoo. Her email is on there too.
I've gotten two other tattoos at Gristle Tattoo. One by a man named Felix and the other by a woman named Anka. Felix's Instagram is @felixvayner and Anka's is @ankalavrivtattoo

Felix did the leaves, Anka did the cat. I got both of those on their Friday the 13th event and they were both $31. They had different sized tattoos for $13, $31 or $130 and had their local artists doing tattoos and a guest artist in as well from I believe Japan."
Thanks to Naomi for sharing her tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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