Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh Deer! Tattoosday Walks Into a Bar

Last Friday, I went to a book release party for my friend and tattooed poet Jeanann Verlee at the Side Walk Cafe & Bar in the East Village.

I had a Sixpoint  Sweet Action (ok, I had two - the Happy Hour deals are great) before the reading started at the bar's performance space.

The beer was cold, rich and delicious, and was poured by the bartender Amy, who was sporting this incredible tattoo:

This black and grey deer was accompanied by a landscape, decorated on the other side of Amy's arm:

Amy told me the work was inspired by the fact that she had been "living in a shitty apartment" and her room had a terrible view, but it did have a poster of deer and wolves in it. This poster was a distraction and made the space a little more bearable.

At East Side Ink, she worked with Josh Lord, who "drew it up and molded it to [her] musculature and shoulder blade." The end result was this beautiful black and gray landscape.

Thanks to Amy for sharing her tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

Be sure also to check out Jeanann's fabulous new book Said the Manic to the Muse. She's an amazing poet!

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