Saturday, May 2, 2015

Victoria's Tattoos Shine On

I met Victoria last summer next to the New York Stock Exchange, near my office on Broad Street. I spotted this very familiar design and stopped to talk to her about it:

The tattoo is a take on the iconic album cover for Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon.

"Wish You Were Here" alludes to another Pink Floyd album and title song. "Shine on My Crazy Diamond"  is a variation of the song title "Shine On You Crazy Diamond."

Victoria explained:
"I lost my fiance in November [2013] ... and music was always very big in our relationship, especially bands like Pink Floyd ... very influential and meaningful. A lot of their songs like 'Shine on You Crazy Diamond,' for instance, was a song that I always thought of him, especially when he was gone. He just always was my crazy diamond. So of course that's why I got Dark Side of the Moon on my back, Shine on My Crazy Diamond, and of course I had to add Wish You Were Here because I miss him every day."
She also has this phoenix above her ankle: 

Victoria elaborated:
"It's the phoenix rising from the fire and I've had a lot of hardship in my life, had a lot of things happen to me, I've always had to let it consume me or rise above it, especially this last time and so I'm like a phoenix. I've always been reborn and I've always been able to make it through the storm."
Both tattoos were done at Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn.

Thanks to Victoria for sharing her tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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James Jordan said...

Tattoo Fail. The lyrics are "Shine on YOU crazy diamond" not "Shine on MY crazy diamond"... terrible!

Tattoosday said...

Except she was paraphrasing the lyric, adapting it to a loss of a love. I initially thought the same thing, that the lyric was wrong, but it transcended the song and she is addressing her departed love through the tattoo.

Tattoosday said...

And Wish You Were Here refers to a different song/album, as well.

James Jordan said...

Oh I see... sorry!