Thursday, June 9, 2016

Some Amazing Black and Grey on Joel's Arm

Last week I met Joel on Broadway, downtown near Bowling Green. His arms were fully tattooed, with a panoply of black and grey work. He was kind enough to share this small section with us:

We talked about the two elements above in great detail.

First is the portrait on his forearm, which Joel explained:
"The tattoo artist is out of Miami, Javier Betancourt (@JavierBetancourt) ... he was doing a week-long stay at Three Kings [in Brooklyn] ... my wife ... found him on Instagram ... I had this idea for something much more subtle, actually, it was just sort of going to be hinting that it was her, it was going to be more Sailor Jerry, or it was going to be a silhouette ... But then we saw his work and - it was the first time I'd seen somebody do [something] like a stylized caricature ... it's very statuesque, as opposed to, like, when you see people get portraits, it's like they're trying too hard to mimic the photograph, whereas he would just take certain accents from the photograph to make the image..."
Needless to say, Joel and his wife were very pleased with the end result.

Directly above the image of his wife is a magnificent skull that spans the middle of his arm. The artist is Tamara Santibañez (@TamaraSantibanez) out of Saved Tattoo (@Saved_Tattoo) in Brooklyn. "I just came across her," Joel told me, "because I liked some of the work that I saw."

Thanks to Joel for sharing some of his amazing tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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