Sunday, June 12, 2016

Heather's Butterfly Keeps Her Grounded

A couple years back, Heather shared an amazing tiger tattoo with us. She is the owner of Paws on Pine, a pet services company in lower Manhattan.

I see her from time to time down near my office and spotted her back in May. I went over to say hello and she shared a new tattoo on her inner forearm:

Heather told me she had this tattooed earlier this year, on April 9, by Jessica V (@jessicavtattoos) at Sacred Tattoo (@sacredtattooNYC) in Manhattan.

She elaborated:
“What’s crazy about this is, I had the appointment all set for the 9th [of April] and then I wanted to get a butterfly because I wanted it to symbolize that I could go really high, sky high, but not too high. It keeps me grounded. But then my grandmother passed that morning. She was 90, so it’s for her, too."
Here's another photo from Jessica V's instagram, identified as a "Kawaii Chibi Butterfly:"

via Instagram @jessicavtattoos
Thanks to Heather for sharing her cool butterfly with us here on Tattoosday!

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