Saturday, June 18, 2016

Alicia's Heart (Tattoosday in Virginia Beach)

Last August, I was in Virginia Beach, visiting family, and I decided to swing by a couple of tattoo shops.  I mentioned Ghost Ship here, and I also swung by Red 5 Tattoo

The shop was bright big and spacious and I snapped a few photos.  However,  before I share those, Alicia, one of the shop staff working when I walked in was kind enough to share this pretty fantastic U2 tattoo that hearkens back to the cover photos from the band's Joshua Tree album.

It's pretty self explanatory, with the message “My  belongs to 4 Irishmen” alluding to U2’s country of origin. 

I believe this is the source photo:

The recording of my interview with Alicia was deleted, and she no longer work's at Red 5 Tattoo. I did send a message to her to retrieve the name of the artist who inked this tattoo, but I never heard back.  So it will have to stand alone.

UPDATE: Red 5 informed me that the tattoo was done about 10 years ago by artist Chris Garcia (@ChrisGarciaTattoos).
Check out some photos from Red 5 Tattoo below.
The Sign Above the Entrance

A Very Bright and Clean Reception Desk

The Waiting Area is Huge and Airy

Artist Portfolios Could Be Viewed In This Interactive Display
Thanks to Alicia for sharing her awesome tattoo with us here on Tattoosday! Be sure to stop by Red 5 Tattoo if you’re ever in Virginia Beach! Website here.

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