Saturday, September 22, 2018

Solo's Tattoo on the First Day of Autumn

A little less than a month ago, I met Solo, in lower Manhattan, near Zuccotti Park. I was struck by the tattoo on her back and was happy when she agreed to let me share it here:

This cool tattoo depicts a tree, half flush with leaves, the other half bare branches, with a pile of fallen leaves at the base of its trunk.

It seemed an appropriate tattoo to share on the first day of autumn.

Solo got the tattoo from a small shop in Fujian Province, in China, after she graduated from college.

She elaborated a little about what was going through her mind when she got it done:
"It’s like seasons, changes in life, ups and downs in life. So when I got it, I was sort of going through a little bit of a crisis in my life … for me personally it was like a whirlwind experience ... so I needed to give myself time and the mindset to accept the changes and not just to take things for granted ... things are going to move the way I want them to move forward."
Thanks to Solo for sharing this tattoo with us as we celebrate the autumnal equinox!

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