Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Chasity Shares Two for Tattoosday (at the NYC Tattoo Convention)

I met Chasity at the NYC Tattoo Convention last month and she shared two distinct tattoos with me. Since it's Tuesday, we might as well celebrate two tattoos, no?

First is this cool black and gray mermaid, complete with octopus parasol, located on Chasity's thigh:

Chasity "grew up by the sea," so this acknowledges her upbringing. The design was inspired by the work of New Orleans-based artist Marrus, based on two pieces of art she purchased while living there. The tattoo was inked by Amy Shapiro at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn.

Chasity also loves birds, especially peacocks, so she has this gorgeous one on her arm:

Chasity credits Amy Shapiro for this beauty, as well, but notes it was done at Graceland Brooklyn, before Amy moved on to Three Kings.

I found a photo of this work that really highlights the talent and artistry involved in this tattoo on Amy's website:

Photo via https://madebyamyshapiro.wordpress.com/
Thanks to Chasity for sharing her beautiful tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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Capri said...

I love tattoo art. The pieces on the blog are beautiful.