Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tattoos from the Blogosphere: Matt's Canva Gypsy Head

We're revisiting an old friend, Mat, whose last piece posted here, will link you to two previous posts as well. Mat had dropped off my radar a while, but these photos remained in my inbox, awaiting to see the light of Tattoosday.

Here's the finished piece:

Mat explains, "I've attached a new leg piece. I got recently of a cavna gypsy head. Dustin Golden from Roanaoke, VA. was doing a guest spot [at 713 Tattoo] and had a last minute cancellation. I jumped on it."

What is a "canva gypsy head"? I'm still not sure, but Mat responded to my recent query for further clarification on the motivation behind the piece: "That Kafka mask was sort of a "gypsy" phase (which I am finding myself in now again). The real shiner of that piece was Dustin's red inks, which he mixes himself."

Indeed. The piece just jumps out at you like a bolt of light in a dark alley.

Thanks again to Mat for sharing and illuminating his ink for us here on Tattoosday!


Marie said...

Wow great blog. I have added you to my blogroll. Hope that's ok.

BlackEyedP said...

Im a friend of Mat's and I don't even know what a Canva Gypsy Head is. But nice piece anywho!

Chris said...

It may be based on a gypsy head(idk), but doesn't look like one to me. It actually looks more like Japanese Hell Judge, King Enma.

maceo87 said...

Hey Bill,

Just letting you know I found out that the red ink mixing story the artist told me was a lie, so that isn't accurate in case you want to make an edit.

:) Hope you are well