Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Housecleaning - Chef Misfit at Your Service

My system for Tattoosday is to try and go chronologically, but that never works out. I generally jump all over the place. I keep a list of all my pending posts, with the date associated with them, so I know where I am in my quest for a relatively normal timeline.

Although not my oldest "pending post," this one is from a guy named Austin, who I met in Penn Station back in April:

This tattoo, on Austin's left arm, had to have a great story about it, right? Especially, with the food at the bottom of the piece?

That is the logo from the Misfits, complete with chef's hat and various ingredients for something.
I stopped Austin at a dining establishment in Penn Station, and didn't want to disturb him too much, so I snapped photos, got some basic info, and figured I'd fill in the blanks with him via e-mail.

Unfortunately, he didn't respond to my e-mail inquiries and, his credit of the work, citing Chris Brewer at Seventh Saga as the artist, left me with a cold trail.

I know he is/was a culinary student and a fan of the Misfits, but that's all folks. 

So, let's just enjoy what we see and know, and perhaps I can update you with more information later.

Thanks to Austin for sharing the tattoo with us!

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