Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tattoosday Giveaway! Win a Free T-Shirt from

Occasionally we like to partner with vendors and have a little fun, giving our readers a chance to win some cool prizes.

This week you have a chance to win a t-shirt of your choice, from among thousands of different quality styles and designs.

I recently got a couple of great shirts from that are way cool. They have a lot of different designs, including Sullen Clothing, Metal Mulisha, Miami Ink, Hart & Huntington, and loads more.

For example, I got this sick Sullen "Caleb Badge" shirt:

as well as this sweet tee from Metal Mulisha:

They also sell a lot of other great accessories, like this cool New Era cap by Sullen:

So, here's how to win a t-shirt from freestyleXtreme:

1) Head over to their website and browse through their seemingly endless supply of apparel.
2) Find the t-shirt you want - you can search by brand name or design styles pretty easily
3) Leave a comment on this post, on the Tattoosday Facebook wall, or e-mail, saying which t-shirt design you want (no caps, sorry).
4) On Friday morning, we will select two random winners and they will get a free shirt.

This is easy folks! It doesn't cost you anything but your time, and you can get a really cool t-shirt out of the deal.

Good luck and have fun browsing!

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Natalia Filimonov said...'s-T-Shirts/Oakley-Bright-Aqua-Floral-Womens-T-Shirt-551795.aspx
L size

Mujeril said...

Etnies Black Cat Eyez Womens T-Shirt

seanh said...

Men's XL in size

gina said...

Size L