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This will be our sixth April celebrating National Poetry Month with a month full of tattooed poets’ work – both written and corporeal. Every day this month at 3:00 AM EDT, we will post a tattoo (or two) belonging to a poet, along with a sample of their work. Because interest has been unprecedented this
year, most days we will post TWO poets, with the second one appearing at 3:00 PM EDT. If you are a published poet interested in contributing, we will be featuring additional tattooed poets weekly, starting in May, or you can volunteer now for 2015. Please email tattoosday@gmail.com for details. And please, everyone, enjoy April on Tattoosday and thank you for visiting!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

We've Made Another List!

What can I say?

We were recently honored in a post over on Boar Skull, a site that sells plugs, body jewelry and organics.

We made their list of "Six Tattoo and Body Modification Blogs You Should be Reading".

I'm sure the six are not in any particular order, but we're #2 and, anytime Tattoosday is spoken in the same breath with the good people over at Needles & Sins, we're in damn fine company.

Hold on to your tattoo-loving hats, people. Spring is in the air, and the Tattooed Poets Project, Volume V, is a week away!

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