Saturday, March 2, 2013

The February Links Go Marching On ...

Now some links for your weekend consumption:

Friend Brian Grosz appeared on Fox 411 on Tuesday (February 12) here. As a contributor writer for Needles and Sins, Brian chimed in on the subject at hand, "Are Reality TV and Pro Sports Helping Tattoos Go Mainstream?"

Sure enough, Colin Kaepernick makes another appearance.....

[Note: I meant to post that two weekends ago when I was in Los Angeles, but it never went live. Better late than never....].

People who follow UFC should know who Ronda Rousey is. Last weekend she made history by defending her title as the first UFC Women's Bantamweight champion (as reported here, among many places). Why do I even care? We here at Tattoosday are fans, ever since meeting Ronda in Penn Station and interviewing her about her Olympic-inspired ink (here) back in 2009. Congrats Ronda!

One of my friends from college alerted me to this interview of Baba Austin, at Vintage Tattoo Art Parlor. The interviewer is senior at my alma mater, Occidental College, which is in close proximity to the Highland Park neighborhood where the shop is located.

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