Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ashley's Unusual Neck Tattoo Feature Frankenstein's Monster and His Bride

A couple weeks back, I was walking on Broadway near 39th Street, when I spotted a woman sporting an unusual neck tattoo. Intrigued, I introduced myself and Ashley allowed me to take a photo of her month-old ink:

Ashley, who is a textile designer by trade, explained how she came up with the ides for this tattoo:
"It was just inspired by this old vintage jewelry that I found ... it had Frankenstein and his bride on it ... I just kinda wanted to mimic exactly what I saw ... I liked that it was more like a motif ... for me it was translated better into a textile print."
I reached out to the tattoo artist, Adam Korothy at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society in Brooklyn, and asked if he had anything to add about the piece. He noted that the work was based on Ashley's own design and that "the imperfections were intentional to mimic the silk screen look of the original artwork."

Normally, I don't often ask about tattoo placement on our contributors, but I was curious about this particular piece. Ashley doesn't have a ton of tattoos, and you generally don't see a lot of folks going to the neck without having filled up their arms first. Yes, I'm guilty of generalization, but I had to ask, "Did you have any reservations about doing it in such a visible place on your neck?"

Without hesitation, Ashley replied, "No, it's like my ideal location ... I've always liked that area for tattoos."

Thanks to Ashley for sharing these unusual tattoos with us here on Tattoosday, and to Adam at Magic Cobra for his contribution, as well!

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