Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey Jude, Thanks for Sharing Your Tattoo!

Sometimes, we don't get the whole story here on Tattoosday, but we share anyway, despite our best efforts to get the goods on the work we capture.

Take this tattoo, for example:

This tattoo belongs to Jude, who I met, briefly, on the subway platform at West 4th Street last month. She got off the downtown local train and, before I could get the whole story, she had boarded a downtown express train, and was gone.

I did manage to track down the artist, Kira Hosler, who inked this piece while she was at Moon Sheen Tattoo in the West Village. Kira has since moved upstate, and has acknowledged that she did this piece.

That's about it - so we are left to wonder what inspired this tattoo. I like the country and city duality of the work, seeing it as the rat in a hollowed out log in a park in the city (New York, I presume). The sunflower illuminates the metropolis.

Jude, wherever, you are, thanks for sharing this tattoo with us!

UPDATE: After posting this, I did finally hear back from Jude, and she gave us some more clarification on the tattoo:
" I got this tattoo to sort of represent freaks over running the city and 'taking it back' so to speak. Hence the little rat and plants growing over buildings. Also, I just really like rats."
Thanks for the update, Jude!

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