Monday, June 10, 2013

Revisiting Dan and Checking Out His New Half-Sleeve by Guido Baldini

One of the things we don't talk about a lot here on Tattoosday are the friendships I have developed over the years with people I meet on the street. I'd say less than 10% of the people I interview become friends with me, but it is great to see their collection grow over the years.

Dan is a prime example - I met him first in 2010, and he shared this piece, done by his cousin Guido Baldini.
A year later, he updated me with the additional work that was done to the tattoo here.

Just recently, Dan reached out to me and we were able to meet up in person for me to take a photo of the dragon half-sleeve that Guido did on him recently:

Here's some nice detail:


Dan told me he specifically asked Guido for the dragon to be blue, which is not generally a traditional color for Japanese dragons. The red roses, as well, are generally not associated with dragon tattoos. Yet Dan loves this non-traditional take on the classic Japanese dragon.

Check out more of Guido's amazing work at his new shop in Santa Fe, New Miexico at Lost Cowboy Tattoo here.

Thanks to Dan for sharing his latest work with us here on Tattoosday!

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