Monday, June 17, 2013

Ashley Shares a Narwhal of a Tattoo

Last week at the Sailor Jerry free tattoo event at The Gutter in Williamsburg (recounted here), I caught up with Ashley after getting my shark tattoo and before she had her cherry tattoo inked. I had met her earlier in line, as she was among the first couple dozen people to arrive and she had been telling us about the Sailor Jerry anchor she received from last year's event.

However, I was more interested in this cool tattoo on her inner left forearm:

That's a narwhal, in case you were wondering, and this Arctic whale is particularly well-known for its tusk. It almost seems a mythical creature, but they are, in fact, real.

Ashley explained how a narwhal landed on her arm:
"My friend who's with me today, Kyle, we were at a Christmas party and she was drawing Sharpie animals on us and she drew a Sharpie narwhal on my arm, so I wanted to get something to remind me of that night ... it was a really good night!"
The tattoo came to life at the hands of John Reardon at Greenpoint Tattoo Company in Brooklyn. Reardon is no stranger to Tattoosday. He was the master behind one of my all-time favorite posts from 2009, here.

Thanks to Ashley for sharing her narwhal with us here on Tattoosday!

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