Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Adam Shares a Trio of Tattoos

I met Adam on the steps of Federal Hall last week and he shared several tattoos, starting with this gypsy on his upper right arm:

He got this because his grandmother used to call him "My little gypsy" because, as he told me, "I would always be travelling around  and staying out and [be] constantly on the move." This was done by Matty Monaghan (@monzuki) at Skin Deep Tattoo (@SkinDeepTattooNY) on Long Island.

Monaghan also inked the "Mom" tattoo below it, which Adam explained "Me and my mom live so many miles apart and I have it to remind me of her every day."

Adam has a lot of tattoos, but we both really liked the juxtaposition of these two, when he rested his right arm over his knee:

The skull in the rose on the knee was done by Richard Smith (@RichardSmithTattoo) at Three Kings Tattoo (@ThreeKingsEastVillage) in Manhattan. The woman with owl headdress was done at a tattoo convention on Long Island several years back. The artist was Jason Voss (@VossTattoo) who is currently working out of Absolute BodyArt (@AbsoluteBodyArt) in Duluth, Minnesota.

Thanks to Adam for sharing his tattoos with us here on Tattoosday!

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