Monday, May 23, 2016

Andrew's Phenomenal Front and Back Pieces

I met Andrew last week on Wall Street. His arms were covered in cool tattoos, but he revealed some insane art on his chest for me. I always wonder what everyone walking around us must be thinking when this happens. Likely, it is "Wow!"

I don't know who did the naked lady in the hammock on the lower abdomen with the banner "Rise & Shine," but the majority of the chest, that insane dragon, was inked by Aaron Coleman (@Clam13) at Immaculate Tattoo (@ImmacultaeTattoo) in Mesa, Arizona.

Andrew told me, "I just wanted a dragon," so he gave the artist free reign to lay it down. Even more remarkable was that he got this in one sitting in six and a half hours ("hurt like a motherfucker").

And if that tattoo isn't awesome enough, check out his back piece:

This amazing Grim Reaper was done by Josh Palmer (@JoshuaPalmer) at The Aloha Monkey Tattoo (@TheAlohaMonkey) in Burnsville, Minnesota. This piece took"four or five sittings ... about fifteen hours"

Andrew estimates he has about 70-75% of his body covered.

He chooses artists that he likes and gives them free reign, obviously with spectacular results. "I think [when] you give the artist a lot more creativity .... toward the tattoo then I think it makes the acquisition of that tattoo that much more exciting when they get to do what they want."

On top of being a collector of great tattoo art, Andrew is also a great photographer. Check out his work on his website here.

Thanks to Andrew for sharing his amazing work with us here on Tattoosday!

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