Friday, May 20, 2016

The Tattoos That Time Forgot

This post is dedicated to the folks who shared, told me about their tattoos, but the recordings were lost before I could transcribe them. Perhaps they'll come looking for their posts and fill in the blanks some day in the future.

First up is this compass rose from Eli, who I met in August 2015 in Owl's Head Park in Brooklyn:

Eli's friend Noah shared this pillar:

A couple weeks later, in Times Square, I met Doug, who shared this trio of tattoos:

Doug has traveled the world and has gotten inked in numerous cities. I remember the six red lines were done in Thailand on November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11. No more info on the crown or the chili pepper.

The same day I met Doug, I also met Barry and Anthony, two guys visiting from Ireland. They shared these skin-rip bio-mech tattoos which were healing. They had received the work from Mark at Groove Tattoo in Brooklyn:

That's Anthony's, and this is Barry's:

Barry also shared this phoenix, which was tattooed elsewhere:

So, there, with one fell swoop, I've cleaned out some of my lingering images from 2015.

Thanks to Eli, Noah, Doug, Barry and Anthony for sharing their work. Apologies, dudes, for the recordings being lost to the ether!

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